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Why Choose Kevin Ruse?

You should choose Kevin Ruse and Associates Inc. for your training needs because we specialize in customized classes. We conduct extensive needs-assessment before creating your custom class. You will not be forced to accept a pre-packaged class. Instead, you will receive exactly the training you need. Training that will allow your staff to achieve their web and print development goals. In addition to evaluating your short and long-term training goals, we will assess the current skill set and skill level of your employees. With an accurate baseline of your current situation, you can easily set the crieteria for the classes' successful outcome. After determining your companies' training goals, we create a specific course outline that is tailored to your employees current skillset. A custom presentation is prepared and delivered to your employees and exercises are designed to teach and challenge as well as ensure maximum retention. Our process includes:
  • Initial phone consultation with training requestor
  • Needs assessment is created with the cooperation of company stakeholders
  • Second phone consultation with students to assess current skillset
  • Custom course outline is prepared for your approval
  • Final check for facility preparedness including:
    • Class room setup
    • Software and Hardware setup
  • Final Check for student preparedness


We look forward to each step in the process as we strive to provide you with the most effective training possible to meet your goals.

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