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Instructor-Led Client Testimonials

"Thanks Kevin - The training was well worth. This is the first time I get a training where I understand almost everything. This is very good. I am now feeling comfortable to start writing code in Flex for my project."

Sajid K.


"Very complete and informational."

Kevin H.


"Instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me get up to speed quickly. Would do it again."

Steve V.


"Kevin did a great job in working with us to tailor the was just what we needed to start using Flash in our current projects."

Lappin H.


"Kevin is very professional and knowledgable, yet friendly in his teaching style. A very intriguing course that kept my attention."

Mark A.

Cisco Systems

"Kevin is very professional, offers great help and also takes you along making the session very interesting."

Toulope P.

Cisco Systems

"Kevin is both knowledgeable and a great instructor. He pointed out excellent resources for areas we were interested in and was really good at answering questions.

Flex/Flash Builder

"The labs were walked through extremely well and the instructor made sure everyone had the lab completed and understood before moving on."

Flex/Flash Builder


"Kevin went above and beyond in answering each question."

Flash ActionScript


"I really appreciated the instructors' depth of knowledge on the software as well as his enthusiam. The section on forms will be valuable to me in my job."

Amanda L. G.

Flex/Flash Builder


"Kevin's instruction was clear and concise. He made a very confusing concept much easier to understand and implement. Thanks Kevin!."

Barbara E.

Flex/Flash Builder

"Kevin delivered as promised. The pace was perfect and lab sessions were nicely mingled with theoretical training. Kevin clearly knew what he was talking about and the welath of resources that he pointed us to, I am sure will be immensely helpful. Two thumbs up!


Flex/Flash Builder

"I needed a trainer who could design a course to me and my co-worker's specific needs. After talking to Kevin for thirty minutes, he was able to create and deliver a four-hour class that suited us perfectly."

Karyn G.
Sr. Technical Writer

“Virtually every piece of information was valuable. Instructor was knowledgable, informative, helpful.”

Cyndi A.

“I liked the 'where to go from here' at the end of the course. I also appreciate the multiple ways provided/demostrated to perform tasks.”

Shellie L.

“Instructor was one of the best I have ever had in this type of course. He made the course easy to understand.” >

Kathlean B.

“Awesome class! Instructor was great and very knowledgable!! Thanks!!”

Suzanne S.

“Kevin Ruse is an excellent instructor, by far the best teacher I have experienced here. He speaks very well and is knowledgeable about the technology. He provided good examples. Facilitated a good understanding of the basics of XML”

Name WIthheld

“Great class, thanks to Kevin who answered all questions well”

Name WIthheld

“Instructor was able to tailor general principals to my specific needs and questions -- very helpful.”

Theresia B.

"The instructor does a good job setting the pace and creating a good learning environment -- very collegial.”

Name Withheld

“I thought for an introduction course, we learned alot. Makes me feel a lot more confident. Kevin was also very good at answering questions and making sure everyone was on the same page.”

Kimberly C.

“I sat in Kevin's desktop publishing class at Silicon Valley College and was very impressed at his thorough knowledge of Photoshop and Quark Xpress. He understood the technical background of these programs deeply, and was able to focus and teach the lessons efficiently. Kevin maintained a very professional attitude, and stayed on topic at all times. Kevin used the class time to maximize the lessons and amount of information he had to teach in a very short period.”

Ted Jalpert

“Kevin was very knowledgeable in teaching the 3 day Dreamweaver CS4 class. He answered our questions very thoroughly and many times he use examples. He taught with the book as well as add a few subjects not found in the book. The Adobe book was unique in some of the examples that I had not seen in other books about Dreamweaver CS4.”

Robert M.

“Kevin did an excellent job! Great pace, interaction, and explanation. After only 20min. I new that the course was already paid for. World class teaching! I went from barely understanding the concepts to very comfortable using everything taught in the class. Thanks Kevin, I hope to be in another course of yours soon. Maybe Flash! :)”

Benjamin H.

“Kevin has an amazing ability to work with all students in the class. Part of the challenge with teaching these kinds of classes is having students coming to the class with different skill sets and purposes. I have a lot of programming experience and for the two classes that Kevin taught, I was probably the student with the most programming experience--in general--and related to the classes. Kevin was able to make sure the classes were still valuable to me, but made effort to make sure that the students that were a little less experienced were not left out. He took advantage of lab time and breaks to give the students attention they needed. I'm pretty sure this was good for them, but it helped me to still get the value I needed from the classes. Kevin brought a broad depth of knowledge and experience to the classes and was able to answer most questions and provide good insight of resources and ideas of the next steps after the classes. He also was great in following through on questions for which he did not have immediate answers. Probably most incredibly was his encouragement to his students to contact him after the class was over if they had questions and that he would do his best to answer them. His years of teaching experience and his passion for teaching were very obvious and valuable. I most highly recommend classes taught by him.”

Bob B.

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“Put a great effiort into teaching the class and providing us with the information we required to get the most from his teachings and for our company to use the software as required.”

Dwayne H.

“Kevin is a very informed instructor. If he didn't have the answer, he didn't hesitate to find it. Easy to follow along. I've been in some other classes where the instructor jumped around and didn't follow through on the topic that he started with. Kevin was not like that at all. If the subject strayed from where it was supposed to go, he didn't forget to get back to it. I would absolutely take another class from him.”

Sherry Z.

“This two day class was well paced for our staff who attended this class. I highly recommend. We began with the basics, and had practical excercises to keep what we were taught in mind as we progressed in the training. Everyone agreed we had plenty of time to be creative, while the support of the instructor kept us on pace with the many things we were learning about this program.”

Virginia S.

“Kevin was my instructor for a week long training session for XML based technologies. As a former High School teacher I pay close attention to instructional styles and rapport with the students. Kevin displays a unique ability to demonstrate a high mastery of his subject matter mixed with an effective teaching methodology. This combination is rare for this type of training. If you are thinking about taking a course from Kevin, I would give him my full recommendation. He is an excellent instructor!”

Jim B.

“Kevin is that rare teacher who understands the material thoroughly and can offer students both the conceptual overview and the nitty-gritty technical details. I have taken 2 courses from Kevin and he receives my highest rating as an instructor because he has such a solid technical grasp of the material. Additionally, Kevin is an author of computer books, so long after the class is over, his written efforts serve as excellent reference materials. I was very fortunate to receive 2 custom courses with Kevin. The areas that I needed to have covered in class were written down in detail prior to the class, and by the time the class started, Kevin had assembled a comprehensive set of instructions and lessons that addressed all my desired curriculum. Things I learned in my classes of a few years ago are still being used. I have no higher rating for a computer technical teacher. Kevin is right up there at the top of the list.”

Jim G.

“I took a few of Kevin's courses, from topics for beginners to more advanced subjects, and was consistently impressed with his teaching. Kevin has the depth of experience to understand the practical application of what he's teaching, the the patience and perceptiveness to assess what the class needs, and the genuine enthusiasm for web development that makes the subjects more interesting and the learning process more fun. I give him highest marks.”

Dan M.

Video Training Client Testimonials

I've been teaching Flash for about 7 years now at a local university. Over the years I've gone through many books to help students learn all aspects of Flash from the basics of using the timeline, creating and using symbols, managing tweening, and everything else. Of course I can show the students everything there is to know about Flash but I always found it hard to find a complete training tool that students can use in the classroom and at home to complement my teachings.

I pretty much went through every book on the market, whether in be the 'Visual Guide' series or the ones from Adobe or anything in between. I mean literally close to probably 20 or 30 books in that timespan. I even use videos by [...] and other. Trust me, you name, I have bought to try for my class. But always I find I need to use more than 1 book/video series to have my students buy that would cover everything I wanted them to know. Usually I ended up writing up a few lessons to supplement the material as well.

But, I can honestly say, I found the most complete learning tool for Flash.

This video DVD, combines multiple video series from [...], plus material from multiple books and puts it into one learning tool. I am guessing the DVD framework was created with Adobe Air, because the interface looks fantastic (nothing I ever have seen before). There are seperate menus for videos all broken down into multiple sub categories, there are review questions and quizes and review material. I really can't say enough good things about this DVD, other than if you buy anything else you are wasting your money.

There is also a Dreamweaver and Photoshop DVD that I purchased that is equally impressive as well.

A must and only buy if you want to learn or help teach Flash CS5

Frank S.

This course is well designed and well delivered. The information is presented in a very accessible way and you can tell that the presenters are qualified teachers in the tech industry. They know what their audience is looking for and cover all the relevant material to preempt questions.

The topics start with the general concepts such as "Planning your project" and "Saving .fla files" and get into some coverage of the tools, working with symbols, artwork, text, and the timeline, and then gets into animation, sound, and video. The lesson on Actionscript 3.0 is a great introduction to Object Oriented Programming.

Although it is touted as an "Official Training for Adobe Certified Associate Exam", this developer cannot believe that it is all the learner will need. Having taken the exam, I can say that there are plenty of concepts in the test that are not covered in this course.

With that being said, it is an excellent way to learn Flash, or go over the basics for rustier developers.

Eric Robert M.

The "Learn by Video" program for Flash CS5 would make a nice alternative to an introductory book - especially for visual learners. I'd worked through the Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book - and found that to be more comprehensive in its coverage, but there is a different emphasis here and I found I learned quite a bit that I didn't know or that wasn't clear before. The little booklet that comes with the guide is an extremely useful introduction to design principles that are essential to effective working in Flash.

There are several chapters on different introductory-level topics in Flash CS5. Each is broken up into different sections, and usually these can be completed in under ten minutes each. That makes this easy to work through in short sections. You can set bookmarks to remember where you left off - although it would be nicer if the program saved your progress directly and remembered for you where you left off. The exposition is clear, but perhaps a bit dry. There's no hint of humor here, and I always find it helps to make verbal lessons a bit more interesting and memorable. Each section tells you what you are going to learn, gives you an explanation and a tutorial you can follow along using one of the project files included on the dvd, and then explains what you have learned.

The focus here is on learning how things work and what things mean at a fairly basic level. You don't get very advanced, and by the end of things you'd really just have a rough idea of how things work in Flash, but it is very clear. They assume a listener who is just getting started with Flash, and, while the lessons are sequential and they build upon each other, they remind you what you've learned and how to do things several times. Sometimes that's a bit frustrating - in a beginner's level textbook it's easy just to skim through the repetition when it is familiar - with video it's harder to skim through what is inessential without missing the important bits. That's one reason to prefer something like the "Classroom in a Book" series, rather than the Video Classroom approach.

One thing I got here more clearly than in the "Classroom in a Book" for Flash CS5 is an emphasis on best practices - how to manage projects so as to be completely clear, and how that helps to achieve control over the project. There is more explanation here - more whys behind the hows. I thought the chapter on Action Script was excellent for giving a clear concept of how it works as an "object based" language - even though you'd only be able to do some very rudimentary things after working through the entire chapter, you'd have a pretty decent understanding of how the language works and a good basis for further learning. There are video files on the disk that allow you to follow along on what they show you in the tutorials. One thing they don't make clear is that to work with them you have to copy the assets folder to your hard drive and open and work with the projects there. (I find it most convenient to backup the entire dvd to my hard drive and play it from there - since that means it's available and ready whenever I want to work through a section, and it also helps to protect the original disk from scratching).

Overall, it's a good introduction to Flash and the emphasis on "Best Practices" serves as a useful complement to the "how to" guides you can find in other introductory Flash books. I do have a few minor gripes: the navigation through the chapter files is not as intuitive as I'd like: there are sections and subsections, and you can go to the next section in a chapter by clicking the "Next Video" button. But: when you get to the end of a subsection, the "Next Video" button is not enabled and you have to go back to the main index and then open up the chapter index again to get to the next section in the chapter. Several words in the projects are misspelt (e.g. "Hawaiin" instead of "Hawaiian"), and I also noticed that at least one of the project files they encourage you to use was missing (the "inverseKinematics_start.fla" file from chapter 9). Still, the guide as a whole is very helpful and clear - and the emphasis on design principles in the included booklet makes this a very helpful overview and introduction to a rich and complicated program.

Nathan A.

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