Kevin Ruse + Associates Inc.

What do YOU want to learn today?

Our Philosophy

At Kevin Ruse and Associates, Inc. we don't simply deliver a "software class". We implement the "ADDIE Instructional Design Model". This system includes the following phases:

  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation

In the analysis phase we determine exacty what skills are required to meet your company's business objectives. By bringing training coordinators, potential students, and subject matter experts together with management we formulate the criteria for a successful training program. In addition we evaluate the learners and their current skillsets.

After the analysis phase is complete we begin designing your training program. From the courseware to the evaluation methods we structure a custom-tailored course to your unique student population. Having creating definable business goals, we are able to build a training strategy that allow your learners to quickly port their newly acquired skills to their existing projects.

In the development phase we create the training materials. Utilizing the criteria set forth in the earlier phases we develop courseware that includes exercises specifically designed to prepare your learners for the challenges that lie ahead of them.

Our input does not end after the delivery phase. Using course evaluations we gather information immediately after the training. In addition we conduct a post class survey at an agreed upon time after the class to determine any weaknesses in skills that need to be revisited.

Don't settle for a "canned class" when you can implement a training system that offers a much higher success rate.

If you don't feel that you might benefit from our needs analysis approach we can provide you with open enrollment public classes through our partners. Many organizations prefer public classes because the cost is sometimes lower than a customized onsite class.

Benefits of Custom Onsite Training

  • Goals are specific and predefined prior to the class
  • Attendees share the same class objectives
  • The pace and is custom tailored to the skillset of the group
  • Attendees remain in their offices and accessible to co-workers if needed
  • No travel costs for attendees
  • Breaks and lunch are scheduled around the needs of the attendees
  • Content is specifically designed to reach the goals and objectives of the attendees
  • Attendees have complete access to the instructor after the class ends
  • Adjustments to the course can be made "on the fly" as needed


Benefits of Open Enrollment Public Classes

  • Students often learn from the experience of other attendees as classes tend to be quite diverse
  • Students learn from the questions the other attendees ask
  • The pace is typically quick and lively
  • The materials offer a broad overview of the topics
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